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EMC Testing

A whole suite of EMC tests can be performed on one site, including radiated EMC testing in semi-anechoic chambers and conducted EMC and transient testing in specially screened rooms. With our wealth of experience of EMC testing in various sectors including automotive, aerospace and defence, our internationally accredited EMC laboratories in the UK allow us to test products ranging from the smallest component to large systems. Our EMC test facilities include;

  • 5 EMC Chambers including 250 hp electric motor drive and semi-anechoic capabilities
  • Immunity / emissions measurement
  • Extensive high power RF amplification
  • High level radiated immunity tests at up to and above 3000 V/m
  • Full accredited Lightning capability to DO-160E Level 5, multi burst, multi stroke, cable induction, pin and ground injection.

Our current UKAS schedule of accreditation contains details of all our accredited EMC services. As members of the EMC Test Labs Association (EMCTLA) and active participants of their working groups, Conekt is able to maintain its high level of expertise within EMC testing. For more information about our EMC testing capabilities or any of the facilities available at Conekt, please contact us.