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Conekt and MISRA

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) is currently working on producing comprehensive guidelines on automotive safety case development.  This collaborative activity involves organisations including Conekt, Jaguar Land Rover, HORIBA MIRA, Ricardo and Volvo.


The automotive safety case development project is developing guidance on ISO 26262 processes.  The project involves discussing the methods by which automotive safety lifecycles may be managed and how this fits into the lifecycle of vehicles.  Conekt brings expertise from over 50 years of automotive industry know-how.  Working as part of MISRA, the industry leading collaborative organisations are able to promote best practice in the development of safety-related electronic and software based applications.


The recent presentation at the Safety-Critical Systems Club event in London reviewed safety arguments and the surrounding issues including complexity and confirmation bias.  Speakers included Prof. Tim Kelly from the University of York and Prof. John Fox of Oxford University.


For more information about Conekt’s safety management work, please contact us