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Vision Processing

Conekt has been at the forefront of developing vision processing solutions for driver assistance and semi-autonomous vehicle systems for over 25 years, first demonstrating hands-free motorway driving in 1994.   The first commercial application of Conekt’s vision processing technology appeared in ZF TRW’s  Lane  Keeping Assist system that was initially fitted to passenger cars in 2008.   Since then Conekt has continued to develop its vision processing capabilities and has provided expert input into the development of a number of passenger car and off-highway vehicle control and assistance systems.  For example, in the FootLITE project, Conekt contributed the lane-position and headway monitoring sensor using video processing, along with compressing the video feed for future viewing. 

By developing a thorough understanding of the key engineering challenges associated with the embedded implementation of vision processing techniques, Conekt has been able to successfully develop high performance systems using both mono- and stereo-camera technologies.  Very recently, Conekt has developed algorithms to implement a 360 degree surround view system based on inputs from multiple cameras. 

Conekt is well-placed to support the development of advanced video-processing solutions because of its unique mix of expertise in image-processing algorithms and embedded electronic systems.  This core capability is complemented by an in-depth understanding of systems engineering and safety management and by additional expertise in control engineering and data fusion.   Conekt is able to provide support throughout the product development cycle from concept to production.


For more information about Conekt’s vision processing, please contact us.