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Systems Engineering

The use of core Systems Engineering (SE) principles in the acquisition, interpretation and management of information is key to the design of successful products. This is particularly relevant to the realisation of complex products, within a business environment that demands short concept-to-market times.

Our goal is to harness disciplined SE methods to ensure that product life-cycles and cost and timing risks are effectively controlled. Conekt recognises that many of its customers do not need support for the entire product development cycle, so it is able to tailor its SE process in accordance with specific customer needs. SE capabilities are embodied in our product design process. The first step of this process is to fully identify and define requirements, including those associated with performance and dependability of the service delivered by the product. Once the requirements have been captured and understood, a concept design can be developed and validated.

Successful completion of the Concept Validation (CV) stage is followed by refinement of design requirements and subsequent implementation specifications. Design Validation (DV) embodies verification of the product service as ‘built to spec’. Satisfactory completion of the DV stage would generally be followed by a Production Validation (PV) stage where production integrity can be demonstrated and assured.

For more information about Conekt's systems engineering capabilties, please contact us.