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Software for Embedded Systems

Conekt provides software consultancy to both small development activities and to larger, multi-disciplinary projects.  Our in-depth knowledge of industry-wide systems, including automotive and aerospace standards and protocols, ensures that the groups expertise goes beyond basic software development to provide efficient and optimised engineering solutions.

Conekt’s areas of expertise include:

  • Rapid software prototyping
  • Video image processing
  • Radar signal processing
  • Safety critical embedded software
  • Electronic architecturedevelopment and Network Management
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Automotive and aerospace standards and protocols, such as FlexRay and CAN

Conekt can provide software consultancy throughout the products lifecycle, from initial concept development and evaluation, though to robust prototypes for production evaluation to the development of software solutions for volume production.

Recent projects that Conekt has supported include,

  • A prototype safety-critical Steer-By-Wire system for a major European vehicle manufacturer
  • A Lane Departure Warning system using a flexible camera and image processing solution
  • Software development for Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) systems

For more information about any of Conekt’s software engineering capabilities,please contact us.