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Sensing and Optoelectronics

Conekt’s expertise in sensing and measurement technology spans more than 25 years. Most of Conekt’s sensing projects involve solving measurement problems within ‘difficult’ and hostile environments. Conekt’s knowledge and experience enables the provision of innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.  As Conekt is independent of any sensor manufacturer, it is able to provide impartial advice to its customers.

Some typical project examples include:

  • System for structural health monitoring of aircraft structures
  • Trade study for ‘electronic noses’ in high-temperature applications for a major petrochemical company
  • Concept development and demonstration to a major aircraft OEM of ultra-low-power wireless sensing
  • Instrumentation fibre-optic sensors for hydraulic valve validation for an automotive supplier
  • Design and demonstration of an innovative touch-screen solution to an automotive OEM

For more information about Conekt’s capabilities in sensing and optoelectronics, please contact us