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Mechanical Engineering

Rapid Component Development

This expertise in engineering design, analysis and materials selection enables capability for rapid component manufacture in metals, plastics and composites with potential for novel solutions to both functional and manufacturing problems.

Rapid component development is achieved by exploiting class leading software; our own in-house facilities for hardware generation; and by collaborations with leading industrial and academic partners. This enables Conekt to exploit the latest advances in rapid prototype technologies and secondary processes, such as composite tool manufacture.

Finite Element Analysis
Skills employed in design based activities can be used in problem solving where FEA models can reveal issues that would require expensive and time consuming testing. In particular, the use of FEA to shortlist the most favourable variants to test, can substantially reduce test effort and allow implementation of appropriate instrumentation to track test data against model predictions as it evolves. This also facilitates effective integration of test fixture design into the test process.

ANSYS® software enables us to perform structural linear or nonlinear and dynamic analyses throughout the design process. The ability to perform additional thermal analysis and coupled-physics design studies allows our designers to analyse mechatronic products and the interactions between the different physics applying to the parts.

Original Design
It is often necessary to originate a design concept from internally generated customer criteria to provide a solution that offers improved functionality, advanced performance and novel capability. This is facilitated by combining our substantial experience gained in many industrial sectors. Cross-over also takes place with our analytical and design tools to obtain genuinely novel solutions to design problems. Involvement in problem solving and use of Design FMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) approaches ensures design and manufacturing solutions are both robust and cost effective.

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