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Inventive Problem Solving using TRIZ

When tasked with improving the performance of an existing product or defining the next step of a product’s evolution, Conekt often makes use of the TRIZ approach to problem-solving.  TRIZ was first conceived in the former Soviet Union as a methodology to enable systematic innovation and is now widely used by leading engineering and manufacturing companies throughout the world.  It provides a structured framework that supports product innovation by encouraging inventiveness and creativity and often leads to the creation of breakthrough products that deliver competitive advantage.


TRIZ is most effective when it is applied by a small team consisting of experienced engineers who have multi-disciplinary backgrounds.   With a technical staff that has in excess of 300 man-years of engineering experience and exposure to many different industries, Conekt is well placed to work on product innovation projects alongside its customers’ engineering teams.  Our breadth of expertise and industry knowledge allows our customers to leverage our input by injecting new capability at the ideation and concept development stages of the product life cycle.


For more information about how Conekt can support your product development programmes with the application of TRIZ, please contact us.