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Embedded Electronic Systems

Conekt specialises in developing embedded electronic sensing, guidance and dynamic control systems for safety-related applications.

By applying our wealth of experience, we deliver innovative solutions to challenging problems in demanding environments. Our automotive engineering expertise enables delivery of high-performance yet cost-effective solutions and our design rules, quality management and product introduction processes ensure integrity, reliability and dependability.

  • Programmable logic design for large Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and small Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs)
  • FPGA Optim: an optimiser tool identifying Xilinx FPGA space occupation and optimisation
  • Advanced PCB layout design rule expertise (high-power and dense, high-speed designs) - including design for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Processor in Loop simulated Fault Insertion Testing (FIT)
  • Ultra-low power circuit design and energy scavenging
  • Overmoulded packaging with integrated electronics
  • Design of product qualification programmes for electronic systems
  • Statistical reliability prediction techniques for electronic components and assemblies
  • Supporting analysis, test and validation capabilities

  Recent projects that we have supported include:

  • Driver Assistance System development
  • Unmanned ground vehicle guidance
  • FPGA algorithm optimisation and bespoke vision processing
  • Low level fault diagnosis and failure analysis
  • Electronic circuit analysis including sneak circuits
  • Bespoke ECU design

For more information about Conekt’s embedded electronic systems capabilities, please contact us.