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Control Engineering

Conekt’s control engineering capabilities are integral to enabling the realisation of our customer’s microprocessor controlled products. Conekt’s expertise has grown from the earliest electronic engine management units to the latest driver assistance systems.  From powerful steer-by-wire actuation to the most sensitive hand-wheel controllers for electric power steering systems, Conekt’s wealth of expertise enables our customers to excel in their chosen field.

Advanced control methods (including multivariable robust control, H-infinity, 2 degree-of-freedom, robust anti-windup etc) are applied where necessary to ensure that simple control structures can achieve excellent performance in the field.  C, MATLAB® and Simulink® are extensively used by Conekt’s engineers, who take pride in ensuring that their solutions meet the most demanding requirements.  Model development can be supported and undertaken to strengthen our customer's in-house expertise and provide sound foundations for design.  This also provides an effective means of proving controllers and of communicating the control design methodology to our customers.

For more information about Conekt’s control engineering capabilities, please contact us.


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