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Applications Engineering

Conekt provides a comprehensive product applications engineering service that enables many of the world’s most prestigious vehicle manufacturers to integrate the latest ZF TRW products into prototype and production vehicles.  Examples of products which Conekt has successfully integrated include Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering (EPHS) units, Electrically Powered Steering (EPS) systems, Electric Park Brake (EPB) systems, Slip Control Systems (such as ABS and ESC) and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). 

Conekt’s extensive knowledge of ZF TRW’s product range, along with our proven expertise in advanced automotive technologies, ensures that all of our application projects are delivered efficiently with minimum cost.  The scope of Conekt’s product application support also includes safety case review and software changes along with mechanical design support, system tuning and vehicle testing.  

For more information about Conekt’s capabilities in product applications engineering, please contact us