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About Us

Conekt is the Engineering Services division of ZF Race Engineering and provides a complete engineering service from consultancy services through to product validation.  We are also able to support our customers with improving product dependability and integrity by delivering a range of product reliability services. 

Our experienced engineering teams work closely with our customers to define project requirements and scope, taking account of the skills and knowledge of both partners, whether for a part of or the entire product development pipeline. Conekt’s expertise in product development, validation and reliability has enabled leading companies to deliver winning products in a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, healthcare and intelligent transport systems.

Key benefits of working with Conekt

Conekt delivers value to its customers by,

  • Creating options to develop new products
  • Overcoming barriers and constraints (technical/legal/environmental)
  • Reducing development costs by applying a range of advanced technologies
  • Accelerating design and development programmes by providing access to specialist engineers and facilities
  • Supporting the realisation of superior products
  • Reducing technical uncertainties before product launch
  • Improving the performance of existing products
  • Resolving in-service problems

Our Heritage

1950s: The origins of the business date to the mid-1950s when it was established as the Lucas Group Research Centre, providing corporately funded Research and Development services for Lucas Industries.

1965: The operation moved to the current site, in Shirley, Solihull, UK, occupying a purpose built R&D centre (The Technical Centre).

1992: The capabilities of the Technical Centre were extended by the incorporation of the long established Lucas Proving Laboratory and the transfer of these facilities to the Shirley site. The addition of these extensive facilities enabled the Technical Centre to offer engineering services related to the whole of the product development pipeline - from concept design to product proving and launch. The Technical Centre has since developed this area to provide a world class, UKAS ISO 17025 accredited, test and validation facility in the areas of climatics, vibration, mechanical test and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

1996: Lucas merged with the Varity Corporation to form LucasVarity. At this time the Technical Centre transformed from a largely corporately funded R&D centre to a wholly contract funded engineering consultancy business.

2001: The Technical Centre launched itself as Conekt to promote its capabilities in Consultancy, Engineering, Knowledge and Technology to customers in a range of industries.

2015: TRW Automotive is acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen AG.  Conekt remains a business unit of the newly formed ZF TRW division.

2017: Conekt was integrated with ZF Race Engineering.  The newly combined operation is organised as three coordinated divisions; Motorsport, Special Series and Engineering Services.  Conekt, as the brand of Engineering Services, continues to provide high value engineering development, reliability and validation services to organisations in the automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, intelligent mobility and off-highway/commercial vehicle industries.